Gamer Properties and NFTs

In Laqirace, all in-game cars and characters are in the form of NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFT). Also, chests, wearables and accessories of Offer section, are divided into two tradable and non-tradable groups. Designed NFTs are different in terms of appearance and impact on acceleration, speed, handling and recovery time factors. Players are owner of their assets and are able to sell them freely not only on Laqira Protocol marketplace but also on the other NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain that supports trading of Laqirace NFTs. Laqirace NFTs are categorized into two main groups as follows:


Currently 7 characters have been designed for this game and the elephant character is provided to the playersfor free. The other 6 characters are sold and traded on Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace with BUSD. The characters contain Ella (Elephant), Hope (Bear), Violet (Rabbit), Champ (Eagle), Freya (Fox), and finally Laqira. As mentioned above, each of them is different in terms of speed, acceleration, handling and recovery time in comparison to others.



Also 9 cars in 12 different colours have been designed which are traded on Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace. A white car named Freeze is provided to the players, freely. The colour of the cars has been pre-designed as follows, but they can be optionally changed at the store section which will be introduced in further versions of the game.