Generally, Laqirace has two different types of gameplays including: Racing: Matches in tracks in the form of car race between several competitors with artificial intelligence or online users. During the game, in addition to controlling the car route, users can use various power-ups that can be used in a timely and appropriate manner to overtake rivals. Battle: Players gather in a surrounded field and try to attack other users and stay safe from their attacks using power-ups. Therefore, In Laqirce, players can decide to play aforementioned gameplays in various forms including solo game with artificial intelligence, online single-match with other players, and also online tournaments. Although the online and offline races in Laqirace are run with the same gameplay but the players, the control mechanics of the characters and their interaction with the core of the game and also the game rules are different. In offline games, artificial intelligence has the responsibility of controlling the rivals at different levels of difficulty and sets the difficulty level according to the conditions and degree of difficulty of the game and the stage in which the user is present. In online games all players are real users and mechanics of the characters and how to control them have been designed in a way that it has the best compatibility in different mobile platforms and PCs and it can be easily used by various players.