Blockchain-based games have recently received great attention from the digital gaming industry and game lovers. Especially since 2019 and during the Covid-19 pandemic, this industry has become more popular as it provides a new platform both for entertaining the players and also earning money by playing the game. Of the most significant points of integrating blockchain technology and regular video games, crypto-based payment and ownership of the gaming assets by players in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be mentioned. In such video games, players can buy gaming NFTsthrough two methods. In the first method they can buy NFTs directly from gaming ecosystem. In second method, as NFTs are permanent assets and players can put already owned NFTs in marketplace for sale, freely, thus there is possibility of trading NFTs with other players in a peer-to-peer manner. Therefore, players can also find an intended second hand NFT in marketplace and buy it from other people. Due to abundant attraction of the blockchain-based games, Laqira Protocol team has entered to the field of blockchain-based game industry and announced its first play-to-earn game, namely Laqirace, built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Laqirace is the first Drive2Earn game on Binance smart chain platform including a variety of categories and sections such as fast race, ranked race, battle race, tournament, offline race, etc. Laqirace is a hyper-compact game compared to its content according to which, it shows off among other similar games in the crypto market. It is a 3D game which can be classified in Metaverse category according to its different aspects such as cars and characters in the form of NFTs, in-game advertising billboards, possibility of owning tracks to hold domestic and international games carting games, etc. All of the activities of the game are governed in Laqira Protocol marketplace . Also, the gamers can play the game itself to earn income.


The character of Laqira was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, aiming to establish a friendly and genial relationship with people and make the world a better place through it. Then he disappeared and it is narrated that he is helping Laqira behind the scenes to achieve his goal. In this way Laqira established Laqirace as his first curiosity, and invited creatures from all over the world who need to change and progress in their lives. Laqira’s objective is to improve the living standards of humans and creatures that are not satisfied with their current condition. A short period after Laqira’s public invitation, many characters from all over the world sent him participation requests. Since then, Laqira has kicked off the game and played with them so that they are all spending joyous moments together besides earning money by playing. Laqira has already found many friends and he has cooperated with them to satisfy his grandpa, Satoshi Nakamoto. The interesting point isthat the invitation is public and anyone can join Laqira and cooperate in extending this family. So, you join fast, too and don’t miss even a minute!